Premium Whole Bean Coffee

100% Organic. 100% Fresh.


We're excited to share how your purchase of YETI COFFEE plays a pivotal role in supporting our school!

Each bag of YETI COFFEE you buy directly contributes to funding important school initiatives and programs that benefit our children. It's not just coffee; it's a way to invest in our school's future. With every sip of YETI COFFEE, you're helping us make a difference in the educational experience of our students. Your support enables us to enhance learning opportunities, provide essential resources, and foster a vibrant and thriving school community. We're grateful for your involvement and dedication to New Summit Charter Academy, and we encourage you to continue enjoying the rich taste of YETI COFFEE while fueling our school's success. Thank you for being a part of our journey towards excellence in education!

Introducing YETI COFFEE, a delightful line of whole bean coffees which are the fruit of our special collaboration with One Drop Coffee, a trusted local roaster. What makes YETI COFFEE exceptional? It all starts with the beans – we insist on 100% organic coffee to bring you the best in flavor, sustainability, and better health. But here's the kicker: One Drop Coffee utilizes a unique air-roasting process that amplifies its rich, nuanced taste. And the best part? Each batch is roasted in small custom batches, exclusively for our school, ensuring you receive coffee that was roasted specially for you and has not been sitting around on a shelf!

So, when you enjoy YETI COFFEE, you're not just sipping coffee; you're savoring the result of a partnership that blends quality, eco-friendliness, and a dash of local charm, all in one cup.

Here are the program details for our coffee orders:

  1. CHECK THE COFFEE CALENDAR BELOW for order due dates and coffee send home dates. Please make sure to submit your coffee orders by 11:59 pm Mountain Time on coffee order due date.
  2. ADDING ITEMS TO YOUR CART: For each item added, please enter student and teacher name. This helps us get the coffee in the hands of the correct student on take home days.
  3. CHOOSE PICKUP OR SHIP WHEN CHECKING OUT: Choosing "Pickup" during checkout means your coffee order will be sent home with your child on coffee send home days. Choosing "ship" during checkout means your order will be shipped on or before coffee send home dates.


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