Unroasted coffee beans have a very long shelf life. The coffee roasting process is the catalyst which creates all the wonderful flavors and aromas that we love, but it also starts the countdown to the coffee’s ultimate demise. We believe having roasted coffee sitting around waiting to be shipped is not compatible with our mission of getting the freshest product possible to the end consumer. Chances are, when you place an order, we WON’T have your product sitting on the shelf ready to go. We roast about every three days, to include all outstanding orders plus an extra 10-20%. We find that if you can open and begin to use your coffee between days 3 and 10 post roast, you will have the optimal coffee experience.

Prior to ordering, please check
this roasting page for specific blackout dates, indicating periods during which we will NOT be roasting. If you place an order during a blackout period, please know that your coffee will be roasted when we return from the blackout period.

July 2023 

  • No Blackout Dates